Grappling with Antar Mouna - Facing the Inner Silence

Often, we look outward for answers. We get caught up in the hustle and bustle of everyday life, constantly focusing our attention externally. However, Antar Mouna – another exceptional technique of meditation– encourages us to do the complete opposite: to look inward, confront our inner silence, and awaken the power of self-reflection. How often do we actually delve into the silent realms of our minds to confront ourselves?

Antar Mouna, or Inner Silence, is a spectacular meditative practice originating from the ancient teachings of Tantra. Unveiling spiritual paths for centuries, it has helped countless practitioners unclutter their minds, focus their thoughts and anchor themselves in the present moment. But what does Antar Mouna meditation truly entail? And how can one effectively grapple with Antar Mouna to meet and master their inner silence?

Antar Mouna meditation can be divided into six stages. The first two stages revolve around conscious observation– first of external sounds, then of internal thoughts and feelings. The next two stages involve selective rejection and acceptance of thoughts and sensations, allowing us to become the masters of our mental domains. Finally, the last two stages transport us to the realm of complete mental silence, and then transcendence.

One of the most pertinent questions regarding Antar Mouna is, "how to properly engage with the practice?" The key is consistency and persistence. Begin by dedicating a few minutes each day to sit in a quiet place, observe your thoughts, and allow them to come and go without judgment. Use this time to create an inner dialogue, question your thought patterns, and break free from the shackles of unconscious thinking.

Engaging with Antar Mouna teaches us not to suppress our thoughts. Instead, it empowers us to witness them objectively as a passing parade and choose which ones worth contemplating. Practicing Antar Mouna is no less than forging a transcendent relationship with oneself. It enables us to detach ourselves from emotional turbulence, external stimuli and connect with our innermost essence.

However, grappling with Antar Mouna is not all roses. It's a strenuous process that often stirs latent emotions, revives suppressed memories, and induces mental discomfort. We might unveil thoughts and emotions we would prefer remain hidden; it is indeed like opening a Pandora's box. It's a journey that might seem arduous, but is worth every step.

With Antar Mouna, we aren't merely facing our inner silence; we are learning to converse with it, to comprehend it, and gradually, to command it. By walking this unfrequented path towards introspection, Antar Mouna helps us attain tranquility and streamlines emotional management. It refines our perceptions, broadens perspectives, and eventually, unfolds a whole new dimension of self-awareness and spiritual awakening.

In conclusion, Antar Mouna, or Inner Silence, is not an easy technique to master. It requires pure dedication, consistent practice, and immense patience. But as we grapple with and grow accustomed to our inner silence, we nurture our mental landscape, enhance emotional resilience, and broaden the horizons of our consciousness, thus journeying from chaos to calm.

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