Saying Hello to Your Inner-self: A Guided Journey of Mindfulness

Embarking on a guided journey of mindfulness is equivalent to initiating a rewarding conversation with your true, inner self. Mindfulness equips you with the skills to navigate your thoughts and feelings without judgement, to clear the mental space which is often cluttered by the constraints of the external world. So let's dive into the process and say hello to our inner-self!

Leading researchers postulate that mindfulness has a myriad of health benefits. By stepping back mentally and detaching ourselves from immediate reactions, we can make wiser decisions, maintain healthier relationships, reduce stress, enhance emotional balance and even boost our academic performance or workplace productivity.

Mindfulness exercises aren't designed to empty your mind but simply to undo the knots of unnecessary tension and to explore the spaces within your psyche that are usually untouched. By saying hello to your inner-self, you start recognizing the way your mind works and gaining perspective on any intrusive thoughts and emotions that may arise, thus setting a path towards enlightenment and serenity.

Here are some steps for starting your journey to mindfulness:

1. Find a Quiet, Comfortable Space: Be in a space where your mind can relax and engage with itself. This might be a quiet room in your house, a serene garden space, or even a safe online meditation space.

2. Ease into a Comfortable Position: You can sit, lay down, or stand, whichever suits you best. The key is to find a position where you can steady your body for a extended period.

3. Mindful Breathing: Concentrate on your breath. Sense the cool air entering your nostrils and the warm air leaving. Notice the expansion and contraction of your belly with each inhalation and exhalation. Breathing serves as an anchor for your mind, a constant point that it can return to amidst the flotsam of thoughts.

4. Acknowledge Thoughts and Feelings: Instead of pushing negative thoughts and feelings away, observe them as detached, non-judgmental spectator. Acknowledge their presence, let them be, and gently nudge your attention back to your breath.

5. Gentle Body Scan: Attention can now be shifted tactfully from breathing to individual body parts, from your toes right up to your head. Pay heed to any sensations you feel, whether it is tightness, heat, coolness or a pulsating sensation.

6. Mindful Immersion: Following the body scan, immerse yourself back into your surroundings. Notice the sounds, smells and the attuned rhythm of your breath again. With this immersion, you embrace the present moment.

Regular practice of these steps will help you nurture a thoughtful and mindful relationship with your inner-self. With time and practice, mindfulness becomes more than a meditative practice – it becomes a lifestyle, manifesting itself even in mundane tasks such as eating, walking or doing laundry. This personal journey with mindfulness promises a brighter, clearer perspective steeped in self-awareness – so why not say hello to your inner-self today?

By cultivating mindfulness, you will find that the external noise falls away to silence, giving voice to your inner-self. Peeling back layers of hurried thought and stress, you connect with your true being, in its purest, most authentic form.

So, are you ready to embark on your guided journey of mindfulness?

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